New Single!

New Single “9 Lives” due for release early 2016!

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BBC Airplay!

The Cheek of Her’s recent Single “Write Me a Letter” gains airplay on BBC Radio 2!
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New Lyric Video!

The Future is Purple. Yes it is!
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YOLO 50p download exclusively from The Cheek of Her website!
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AAA the album!


12 freshly baked recordings by

The Cheek of Her!

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Falling apart piece by piece…!

I don’t know if it’s to do with simply getting older, but I feel like I’m getting aches and pains all over the place! I hurt my ankle about six months ago walking over an uneven step, and I thought it would just get better…

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New track YOLO released!

YOLO the new Single by The Cheek of Her is available to download now! Get it for 50p and support the Artist directly on The Cheek of Her website!

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