YOLO Official Release Date Monday 18th May 2015!

YOLO Official Release Date Monday 18th May 2015!

I am super happy to announce that the official release date for The Cheek of Her’s new track YOLO is: Monday 18th May 2015!

YOLO is the first The Cheek of Her Single release of 2015 since the debut album “Adult Angst Anonymous” (2014).

I¬†wanted to take some time and come back with a catchy, Pop tune, full of energy, positivity and punch, to shake off (some of…!) the angst lived out in this musical journey thus far, and to get back to the raw vibe of live recording in this new track.

Above all I feel that the reason why Artists write songs and create is for the pure love of it, and it’s really important not to lose sight of that. I wrote YOLO with this in mind, as after all “You Only Live Once” so we shouldn’t let our passions die.

Those who enjoy swimming in thought provoking lyrics, fresh, juicy-fruit-tunes should enjoy this one!

Exclusive radio play is coming as soon as tomorrow, so do keep an eye and ear out!

In the mean time, please enjoy The Cheek of Her’s debut album “Adult Angst Anonymous” while you wait!

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