Write me a Letter – The Cheek of Her – Live

I filmed ‘Write me a Letter” in Soho with Band Vault recently as it’s been getting a good reaction live in open mics I’ve been doing about the place, probably because most people identify with the extent that Social Media has monopolised our lives! The irony of the recording was that I was actually up till 3.30 am that morning talking on the very thing I’m moaning-singing about! Skype. This also explains the red-eyes…

It was fun recording in Schott’s music shop, as the piano was on a lower ground floor with a Mezzanine level above where people where shopping and listening in while we recorded! We got it done quickly enough, and the guys and gal from Band Vault were very professional.

I am planning on recording “Write me a Letter” in the studio this year if I get funding via my crowd funding campaign. Information on that is coming shortly! If you’d like to have fresh downloads of The Cheek of Her music, I hope you will be happy to get involved :).

In the mean time, please enjoy the video, appropriate faces and red eyes. xxx

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