While you wait for the album release…

Well I’m not too happy at the moment, as there was a cock up with Publishing information on the Bob Marley Cover which was included in the album “Adult Angst Anonymous”, and since there is no way of contacting the digital aggregator over the weekend the album is still to appear on iTunes, Amazon and all major stores. Very, very annoying all round. HOWEVER…..

……there is some super news! Pedro Chaves from Dream Journey Studios is pretty much the official Lyric Video maker for The Cheek of Her (I told him so :P), and because he likes “Another Guy I Buried in the Woods” track so much, and because I had a whole story book of ideas for treatment (!), he has decided to go one step further than a mere Lyric Video and create a hand-drawn, frame by frame, 2D animated music video to go along with the song!

I really can’t wait to share it with you all! I will give away only that it features a Ballerina (which you can see in the clip) and a Manga style / Disney heroine, who isn’t your typical good girl…but I think the song title may give that one away! Enjoy the clip, and sorry for the delay on the angsty songs!

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