Video Camera Recommendations and things to lose yourself in!

Video Camera Recommendations and things to lose yourself in!

Ello! I’m planning on doing a string of live home music videos soon, and felt that with a shiny new website I fancy presenting some higher quality videos to match! Currently I use my iPhone which has been OK, but just looking for something a bit better!

A friend has suggested a Fujifilm X30  or a Canon G7 camera, so was just looking for some other suggestions to research before I decide! So if you know a little about video cameras, then feel free to drop a comment below. It would be handy if the device could also take pictures, but this isn’t entirely necessary…

I’m starting a course in Graphic Design soon, as I’m getting annoyed with myself for not being able to do my own despite having vivid ideas…and I have a feeling I may well feel the same about videos soon too! There are so many things in music which you can get lost in, but it really helps if you can do a bit of everything involved which isn’t just about the music! Writing a song is only a tiny part of it….!

Off the top of my head there are already so many things to ‘get lost in’! (feel free to add to the list! as it’s by no means exhaustive!):

– Writing the song

– Recording a demo

– Producing the track

– Improving your musicianship (singing / playing an instrument etc…)

– Web site design

– Social Media Marketing

– Band Management

– Marketing your Music / Act

– Music PR

– Live Events

– Graphic Design

– Video production

– Improving all of the above!

In any case for now I’m just looking to source a better video camera haha! Please do let me know your thoughts if you are into video / film / photography! xx


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