Very frustrated! No Facebook access!

Very frustrated! No Facebook access!

You may or may not have noticed (or cared, or given a shit!) that I’ve gone quiet. Well, I’m beyond annoyed and just frustratedly accepting…things don’t always go to plan, no.

The next scheduled The Cheek of Her release ‘9 Lives’ was due to be released in January 2016, but I just lost access to post on The Cheek of Her Facebook page completely, so I thought it best to wait until this was back to release the Single. It didn’t seem like the end of the world, as it gave the video creator a bit more time, and also me less of a panic to arrange photos etc…I thought the delay would be a week or so, as I reported it to Facebook.

It’s been over a month now, and I’ve reported it around 20 times out of frustration (which I’ve heard may well be detrimental! Ooops), but still no access to post on my own page. *SIGH* My Facebook page ‘let me’ post a couple of times during this period via Twitter or another program, but then that abruptly stopped too, and I can’t even RSS Instagram pics!

Not really sure what I can do, as unfortunately I do need a functioning Facebook page to help with marketing of the releases. PR guys have been put on hold and everything else is in order, but there’s a stumbling block. FACEBOOK. It’s ridiculous on so many levels.

At this point I’m wondering if I’ll ever get access to my page again. I mean I never posted anything obscene, or weird, or whatever, so I just don’t get it. I’m just pissed off that it’s delaying everything and kinda slowing me down. So, no I still haven’t disappeared into oblivion, and you will hear new music from me this year (even if I don’t get access to my page again, I’ll just have to find another solution).

The positives are that Pedro Chaves, the video creator has had a ton of extra time to put into the video to accompany “9 Lives” and well, I’ve just had a chance to stop and think about my relationship with music (which I probably ponder and dismiss a lot of the time any way!).

I was talking by chance to some ‘big shot’ Producer a few months ago (who I never told my Artist name to, and who never heard my music), and well he just basically said the Industry is looking for YOUNG (ie 16-20-ish) talented Artists, and there are plenty of them. I guess he is right, and that’s mainstream Pop. He added that anyone who was older, should ‘just’ write songs for others. This does perhaps seem obvious to an extent, but it’s also quite down heartening. I’m not so driven to fight through the whole age thing, and the music industry ideals/prototypes, to play their game, for them to take me on.

The odd thing is I never even thought about age whatsoever, until I started to be involved in music and other people bring it up. I guess it’s because I started late, so for me it all all new and fresh 5 years ago, whereas a lot of people the same age as me has already been hammering away at it for 15 years previously.

I do feel a lot calmer though, and I think just the act of being able to write and release songs (and write and release in general), has just been really therapeutic, and something I had to do, and that’s that! I was never fame hungry, just passionate about music, melody, lyrics and singing. I don’t think I actually like the mainstream music industry, and there’s always that difficulty when an Artist is trying to make money from their Art, be it music, painting, writing etc…Plus as a female, there is all that additional media scrutiny in this messed up world we live in, where women are celebrated for looking like blow up sex dolls. As a society we have certainly become more and more looks obsessed, and I just feel for the next generation (a clear sign of advancement in years there!).

So there’s a delve into my mind. I will release music soon one way or another, with or without Farting Butts.

I’m also taking my focus away from music to something more viable this year, as I just don’t have the 500% Gogogo that it would need for me to progress, and I don’t want to be a permanently frustrated musician…I will most likely always still write and release music, even if just for the pure joy I get from doing so!

But God. Facebook grrrrrrr!!! (I wonder if this post will show up on the page?!)

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