Update on all the cheeky stuff!

Update on all the cheeky stuff!

It does seem like quite a while that I’ve been mentioning this Crowdfunding campaign for the new album…well it is so nearly there now that I can smell it! I have the promo video, all the blurb and well it’s just being looked over by the administrators of the site and hopefully will be good to go in the next week!

The video is a touch DIY and mad as you can see from the screen shot above, but I think it’s quite cool and gets the point across, plus you’ll also get to hear some demo recordings pre-final versions of a few of the songs which will be included in the album! I do talk a fair bit in it, so I’m a little embarrassed already for everyone to hear my innner ramblings out loud! Ah well!…

During October I’ll be doing some acoustic sets on keyboard / piano around London town partly to promote the Crowdfunding campaign and to try to get as many people on board as possible to enable me to make this album. The key point being that for £8 via the campaign you get an immediate download of the entire 12 track album once it’s ready of course! (which will be cheaper than iTunes when released), but will also provide me with the funding to help cover the recording, mixing and mastering. There will also be other options to purchase such as: handwritten lyric sheets, Songs performed via Skype and a cup of tea (with yours truly) which you can also buy! All exclusives include the 12 track download….

If you’d like to come along to some informal FREE acoustic performances in October, please see the Facebook event page:https://www.facebook.com/events/566522873402376/

If you would like to find out more about the Crowdfunding campaign BEFORE everyone else, then please sign up to The Cheek of Her mailing list!: http://thecheekofher.fanbridge.com/

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