The Photo Shoot for Megaphonic!

The Photo Shoot for Megaphonic!

Finally got the Photo shoot for Megaphonic done and dusted! We were weather dependent, as wherever it was going to be it would be an outdoor location! It’s not that easy picking somewhere fitting to stage a shoot I have realised…Some of the ideas I had in cool places such as a theatre, or crazily decorated bar you have to pay an insane fee to hire them!

Think I will definitely jump on the Crowdfunding band wagon for the next EP (given that recording contracts seem to be like gold dust nowadays!), it’s a great way of getting fans and friends involved, helps fund and speed along the whole process and ultimately it’s for you! (and my utter selfish enjoyment at having the opportunity to express my creativity!).

Any way, I went in to the Studio (photo this time!) and discussed the brief with the lovely Francesca & co at The Light Studios a couple of months ago. We pretty much settled on a roof shoot with lots of colour. I met a hairdresser Nicola a few days before the shoot who offered to come along on location to do my hair, so it all seemed to be fitting in to place! Now we just had to get the weather!

On the day of the shoot we turned up, and well there was a slight change of plan! Francesca drove up beside my car and started saying “Fenton”…bit confused, but then we discussed the fact that the roof was going to be a bit small for the desired effect of the shoot…so yes, we went off to Richmond Park (hence Fenton etc…) and did about 10 different poses in a mad rush before the gates closed! Will probably get to see the final result in the next week or so, or at least select the best ones!

So great day all round! Had planned to have bubbles, but the stoopid machine I got from Ebay just didn’t cut it so that was out unfortunately!

Big thanks to all who helped out! xx

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