TCOH Megaphonic Review in ASFAR

TCOH Megaphonic Review in ASFAR

The Cheek of Her’s latest EP “Megaphonic” (2013) is reviewed by George Percival in the latest ASFAR (A Short Fanzine About Rocking). The issue is available to purchase in hard copy only here:

The article can be read here:
THE CHEEK OF HER – ‘Megaphonic’ (self-released) GEORGE PERCIVAL

Full to the brim with pop sensibilities, hummable melodies and a rock edge, Helen Dooley cements herself as an accomplished songwriter that certainly has an ear for a game changing hook. Through her very tongue-in-cheek lyrical approach she addresses topics of female body image, coming across like the Patti Smith of the digital generation.

Tracks veer between driving rock stompers and stripped back piano led anti love songs with her versatile vocal attributes coming across like a less annoying Marina Diamandis. Although certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, Dooley provides an intelligent and quirky alternative to the modern slew of female singer songwriters, unafraid to throw some oddball ideas into the mix whilst retaining a deep seated anger that simmers just beneath the surface (for more information go to

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