Swell Studio Time!

Swell Studio Time!

Well the mic certainly got a fair bit of usage today, and well…so did my vocal chords! I don’t know about any one else who sings and is reading this, but I always tend to sing better in the afternoon / evening time. I’m generally terrible (in all senses of the word) in the mornings, and my voice is no exception! Luckily the studio session was in the afternoon so all good, and we went through the lead and backing vocals like a steam train on something more energy inducing than coal!

I generally plan out the vocals in terms of layering, harmonies and effects on the produced sketch of the song I bring into the Studio, so it’s just a case of re-recording on the new finished studio track.

Having lots of recorded ideas pre-studio saves time and also jigs my memory if I can’t remember a particular harmony, ‘noise’, or quirky ad-lib bit I have a tendency to include nowadays! These little touches make the final track all the more juicy and delicious!

We were working on “The Swell” today for inclusion on the EP “Megaphonic” which will be out later this year. The track is filled with nostalgia: someone looking back on their life not with regret; but just remembering the past and how much they have changed, alongside the anticipation of something bigger and catastrophically (good / life-changing or simply chaotic!) on the horizon. That’s like the “deep” level meaning, for a first time listener I would imagine it would literally be about a big sea storm about to kick off / Swell in the Sea!!

The whole song is a seascape (in my head) with pirates and gulls, a rough and wavey sea, ghostly singing Mermaids and lightening! That might all sound a bit bizarre, but when you hear the finished version I’m sure you’ll get where I’m coming from!

The funniest part of the track came to me on the tube on the way in to the studio…(you may have read previously in a blog post about my love of bridges / middle 8s). I love my middle 8s generally (sometimes even more than the songs I write as a whole). The mid-section in The Swell is very pretty, and I dunno why but I wanted to “speak” some of it out, so we spent some time getting recordings of me talking out the lyrics as opposed to singing for that section with acoustic Guitar and Piano. It seems to work!

Still some more work left on that song but it’s so much fun to do, and I’ll keep you posted about further developments on it!

I am now exhausted and will be having an early night that’s for sure ;)

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