Studio Session 18-01-12


I’ve finished recording “Something out of Nothing” pretty much from my side, I want to re-do the tiniest bit of vocal towards the end, Sean wants to re-do bass and live drums have to be recorded. We got to work on “Beauty Queen” today, did a pilot vocal for it and we got drums and bass down. In the breakdown / bridge section I’m tipping my hat as it were to all the feminists in the 60s, and we’re bringing in acoustic guitar, bashing a tambourine sporadically and I’m singing it through a megaphone, it’s like some sort of rally section! The rest of the guitar parts haven’t been sorted, as the piano part is busy and everything else is just embellishment for this track (according to Sean…I generally agree with him).

A jam packed day of studio tomorrow too, with Joe to finish off some tracks I started with him in 2011. To get one of these this month as a free download, please make sure you’re signed up to The Cheek of Her mailing list

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