Solo Gigs on Keys!

Solo Gigs on Keys!

I decided it was about time I got out and about and performed some of my songs live, by myself on the keyboard! This wasn’t really something I had planned previously, as I always saw myself singing in a band or doing the odd acoustic set with a Guitar player (which of course I still love doing and will continue to do in the future!).

However, since I write the tunes on keys and seem to have amassed quite a number of songs over the last few months I decided it was time to share! Plus I always like to give myself new challenges, but the thing is with music is the challenges never stop! There’s always something more you can learn or improve which keeps it interesting and addictive :)

I did lots of full band gigs with a band last year, which was great live experience but didn’t end up with much time for song writing as I was so busy sorting out gigs, promotion, rehearsals and several unprofessional band members who neither understood or cared about the project and wasted my time. I’m really happy I had that experience as among other things, it’s really made me appreciate the last few months I’ve had writing more songs, and spending decent chunks of time in the studio recording with great Producers honing TCOH sound. It’s also made me realise the qualities I am looking for from Musicians when I go out to gig with a full band again, and what to watch out for!

So now, it’s a new phase! Time for me to go out and about on my lonesome with the keyboard to share the new songs in their stripped down format, finish off recording the new EP “Megaphonic” and then head out for some more full band live gigs to showcase the tunes in their full versions! I’m really excited about it!

I have played a few tunes at Caffe Concerto at The Westfield Centre and The Stage Door in Waterloo, but have booked in quite a few more sessions at Open Mics all around London working up to a full set of TCOH tunage in July!

If you are local / free on any of the dates below, I would welcome the support especially as it’s my first time going out and about by myself! Plus all the nights are always usually fun (and free entry!) with lots of eclectic acoustic music!

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