So you wanna know the whole story….

So you wanna know the whole story….

Since my last blog I’ve been well and truly bashing about the London open-mic circuit and thoroughly enjoying trying out new songs at venues which have varying degrees of playable pianos! It is a little gripe, I think if venues want to attract quality piano players / singer songwriters who accompany themselves on Piano, then they should at least invest in a playable instrument, doesn’t have to cost the earth and it’s so nice to have a piano at the venue. I can just about get away with a warped sounding old piano for a few songs at an open mic, but it isn’t ideal, especially for Jazz Pianists I have met recently!! All fun nonetheless. Meeting loads of talented people…it’s just great to be with your tribe of folk who are just passionate about songs and music and totally get and appreciate what you are doing. It’s plain lovely. Big love to all the Musos out there!

One thing that totally winds me up though, is some Promoters that had agreed to promote my music last year just did nothing, and even told me that I’d never sell out a venue just with my piano and keyboard. The person in question never took the time to understand my ‘thing’, what I’m about or truly appreciate my music. The only reason why I’m wound up about it is because they continue to promote young girls who don’t even write their own songs, and I have experienced first hand the reaction I get after playing…last night a man approached me demanding a copy of one of the songs I haven’t recorded, he was like “I need that song, where can I get it? I want it” and it’s just the most amazing thing and really touches me. I am by no means an arrogant person and half the time I have crushing doubts that I’m even any good, but it’s the audience reaction which gives me confidence. This Promoter person asked me what my ‘thing’ was once, like for example he said Beyonce = Beautiful, Lady Gaga = Flamboyant ….well you know what? My ‘thing” is me. If he took the time to actually listen to my music and maybe see me live, he could have *perhaps* (brain cell count undetermined) understood that. I needed to get that off my chest…but annoying right?!

I’m probably blogging more than I usually do, rather than use my mailing list which is because then next mailing list I want to send out will be one with my Crowd Funding campaign details…and that is all still in progress. I’ve got lots of ideas and plans, all the songs are lined up with potentially one very unusual cover so it’s just a case of making a two minute video explaining the Album project and how you can get involved to support, plus what you get out of it too of course :). If anyone knows of someone who would be willing to film a short video for me, please get in touch…

Aside from open-mics and the really amazing feedback I’ve received, I’ve had a string of negative un-related to music things happen last week which have shaken me up a little, so I’m convinced I’m due a fresh bout of good stuff! That’s life though isn’t it, you just gotta take the ups with the downs and the downs with the ups and keep on trying….

I won’t be doing open mics indefinitely, so please catch me while you can to hear new, yet to be recorded tunes all live and for FREE before and I disappear into the studio (hopefully with your help!!)…as per the above there is at least ONE man desperately waiting for ONE track!!! lol xx

Next open mic will be:

Sunday 28th July (7pm) – 15 Minute Club. Bloomsbury Pl, London, Greater London WC1B 4DA

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