Snippet of a New Song!

I wrote this song a couple of weeks ago, and its got a hyper catchy chorus (which I’m not sharing yet!)….I’m just playing a snippet of the pre-chorus, which I fancied sharing! Planning on recording the song in full before the year is out with a slightly different approach than previously, if all goes to plan! We’ll see how that works out! Stay tuned to find out more….

Currently working on updating the new The Cheek of Her website which is great fun, but I’m a bit obsessive about it so more than likely driving the lovely web designer Danny mad….but I think he’s also a work-a-holic and enjoying the challenge that is The Cheek of Her! The current site has served me really well due to a lot of thought put in from the beginning, but since I’ve chopped off my locks, I also wanted a fresh feeling site too. Out with the old and in with the new, is pretty much how I’m feeling right now! What exactly the ‘new’ is, is another question….?!

I have a gig at The 100 Club next Friday 29th August (Oxford Street, London. UK) if any one fancies coming along to support. I’ll be playing a full acoustic set and you can get your hands on tickets in advance for £8 via Big Cartel:

Hope you are all enjoying the new album “Adult Angst Anonymous”, and if you haven’t got it yet please go to iTunes and download a track or two!

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