Sniff, Sniff, Sneeze!

Sniff, Sniff, Sneeze!

Unfortunately that’s not a picture of a beautiful white rose, but a snotty tissue I made myself….sorry, but it is rather interesting to see how mundane everyday objects can be works of art sometimes! Right. Well, I’m still suffering with flu unfortunately. The throat isn’t AS sore, but my voice isn’t back and still a bit shivery etc…so decided it was best all round to re-schedule this weeks recording sessions to the New Year. It’s a real shame as was really looking forward to finishing off a couple of tracks and having a free Mp3 for all of you on The Cheek of Her’s Mailing List all at the end of the month! This just means you’ll have to wait a few weeks more and I’ll have something for yas in the New Year. May potentially get some Youtube videos done next week when I’m feeling better!

Hope all those following this blog aren’t suffering like me with similar lurgys and that you’re gearing up for a wonderful Christmas!

Personally, I can wait for 2012! 2011 was a mixed bag for me…to sum it up:


1. Started doing what I love

2. Got a band of sorts together again, and again, again….

3. Gigged loads

4. Met some decent and straight-forward Musicians, who have become friends.

5. Met some AWESOME Producers

6. Wrote 20 odd songs (a load of Passionate Shit!)

7. Got The Cheek of Her website off the ground

8. Developed a large The Cheek of Her mailing list*.

9. Released “Passionate Shit” The Cheek of Her’s 5 track EP!

10. Secured a Management contract, which will commence during 2012.


1. Met lots of Egos, far too many time-wasters and peculiar (not in a good way) Musicians.

2. Got disillusioned with the London gigging scene, and perhaps a bit worn out.

I’ve never actually analysed it like that….but clearly the Ups outweigh the Downs! I’m really looking forward to making even better music next year, kick ass recordings and performing at some select gigs and showcases with some great Musicians! Bring it on!!!

*If you want to keep up to date with all that goes on please sign up to The Cheek of Her’s Mailing List, as you’ll also get the odd free track and even more news!!!

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