The silence will be broken…

The silence will be broken…

I haven’t written a blog post in ages. Yes, there has been a deathly silence on that front.

Sometimes the longer you leave it the harder it gets, because you end up realising just how much you have to say and what a mammoth task that would be!

I’m not going to harp on and bore you about intricate details from months past, but in short I just got a little disheartened and distracted from November 2014 (my last blog post omg!)…..which coincides with a big band¬†recording session (drama) and getting a new puppy (ongoing drama!).

It’s all good though now pretty much, things are settling down in my head and I can get back into the ‘swing’, although puppy-wise I probably won’t be out of the woods for another year! It’s sooooo much fun constantly saying ‘no’, ‘off’, ‘leave it’….but Blue is hyper cute! :P Especially when he is sleeping as below! He doesn’t seem to mind me singing, so thank goodness for that!

Blue Sleeping

Music-wise I planned to go into the Studio with a band to record a track at the end of last year, which ended up being two tracks! As usual it was a complete saga for one reason or another, but finally have got to the point where I have two new tracks so nearly ready for release in 2015! Now it’s all artwork, promo and release planning that awaits!…..

The tracks are both about the future really, probably the state of my mind when I wrote them….worrying about the future, telling yourself it’s going to be OK and well, as usual a fair dose of humour and irony thrown in. I’m really enjoying the tracks, they are live sounding and I’ve ditched a lot of fancy production in favour of a back to basics real sound.

A talented drummer friend Chris played on both tracks, which was so cool as he also was the original The Cheek of Her Drummer back in 2011 when all this crazy affair kicked off! He teaches too, so if any one fancies learning the drums / improving their drumming skills in the Northampton area do get in touch!:

Long standing The Cheek of Her Producer Sean Kennedy is also playing on the new releases and currently mixing / mastering as I write! He’s a super Producer and all round lovely guy. Do show his Facebook page some love if you want to keep up to date with fresh new music from up and coming Independent Artists:

So the outright, blatant, harrowing angst of the album “Adult Angst Anonymous“, has given way to a more accepting but questioning, dormant worry about what the future brings. This could equally be called “Getting Older”…..perhaps the next stage is “I don’t give a shit” hahahah. We’ll see…time will tell.

So to sign off, and pull myself out of the temptation of harping on….I’ll leave you with some lyrics from one of the new tracks to come – DEEEP stuff huh!:

“What do you want,

From this life?

Do you crave world domination,

Or do you just wanna sleep real good tonight?

Running around in circles,

Not getting any where,

The future is bright purple,

With rollers in her hair.”


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