Recording Update! (& bah, humbug!)

Recording Update! (& bah, humbug!)

Why is it at the same time of year every year (normally the third week of December) I come down with the flu or something equally icky that just wipes you out! Any way I’m at home drinking pints of tea, spoonfuls of honey, Strepsils, Night Nurse and sitting it out. My throat is KILLING me!!

Aside from feeling utterly pants and feeling sorry for myself, I’ll tell you what’s going on recording-wise!…

Have had three sessions so far with the new Producer (I’ll tell you more about who, what, when, where when the songs are out!), and they have gone very well! I thought I had about 12 or so songs, and when I got them all together properly on my hard drive there were around 20! (At the time of writing this there’s now about 24!).

The first session was spent mainly chatting (not just random shit of course! Music style and sound, influences etc) and listening to the tracks I brought in, so that we could decide on two of the strongest tracks we were both happy recording with full production. We both settled on Something Out of Nothing as the first one we would record, which is quite funny really as I had only written it the week before with the intention of recording it with the new Producer.

As for the second song…well we didn’t make a final decision on that one as I seem to be full of ideas at the moment, so we left it lie just incase I came up with something else in the meantime. Normally when doing two tracks to present professionally it’s recommended that one is a ballad and the other perhaps slightly more up tempo, but since I’m not your next Pixe-Lott Pop Princess I’ve been told I can do what I want! Ha, they might regret that!

During the first session we did still manage to get a rough pilot of the song down, and for the second session I recorded live piano for the whole track and we layered on lots of Guitar parts. By the time the third session came around a couple of weeks later I had one newly completed song Paper Crown, a second musically completed track with incomplete lyrics called “Cliche” and a third song I had been working on just the previous day, which has a working title of “Beauty Queen”. In a way it was a little annoying as “Paper Crown” was pretty much complete, but both of us knew that even though “Beauty Queen” was pretty much just a chorus at that point it was the one to record!! So “Beauty Queen” will be the second track recorded with full production! At the moment I now have a verse, chorus and a couple of bridge and alternative sections I am playing with for this song, but I am still to make perfect sense of it all…but it will come, they always do in their own time! Songs are like babies!

“Beauty Queen” is about not being one, but also not caring about it and wanting to be free to mess about a while longer. Oh so autobiographic! Can’t wait for you to hear it, as I am just loving singing (the parts that exist!) already!

I am going in to my original Producer Joe, at the end of the month to do the final vocal for Yes it’s a Love Song as well as finish off parts and do vox for Happy End.

I’m giving away a free MP3 of “Yes it’s a Love Song” at the end of the month (if all goes to plan!) to all those on The Cheek of Her Mailing List so please do sign up here to get yours!:

I’ll tell you how I get on…once this darned sickness has taken a vacation from my body!

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