Productive Studio Sesh 25-01-12

Productive Studio Sesh 25-01-12

Day off from all the usual-unrelated-to-music-money-earning-stuff I do, so just had a down right lovely day! Studio, hairdresser, and meeting up with friends. Nice. There were some backing track vocals I wanted to re-do from a session last week and a tiny end of song note I wanted to change on another song, so got all that done plus a bit of midi-mixing and acoustic guitar part on a bridge recorded…! Doesn’t sound like a lot I suppose, but it felt like a fruitful short 2 hour session. I just love feeling productive and smug when things work out! Usually cause there is some sort of struggle to get there makes the end result all the more sweet…

Hairdresser – just cause I feel like mentioning it…..My hair only really looks nice once (!) every few months when I go to the Hairdresser’s and they blow dry it properly. Today was one of those days! I’m liking the whole Ombre thing at the moment…a little messy and imperfect sums me up perfectly! Plus you get to be a dumb blonde AND intelligent brunette at the SAME TIME!!!! Wohhhooooo. What more do I want from life?!

Oh I’m using Instagram at the moment, which is a social photo networking app. It’s kinda fun, but I feel I should use it since I’ve got it….so expect some random pics every now and again! It’s embedded on TCOH homepage, but If you’re on it too, come follow #thecheekofher.

Having a jam session with a new guitar player friend tomorrow night, which has been a long time coming so looking forward to that! Doubtful we’ll do vids tomorrow, but there could be a few with him in the pipeline! Watch this space! Big <3 TCOH x

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