Yes. It's a Love Song

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1. Yes. It's a Love Song (Mp3)

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Download The Cheek of Her’s Single “Yes. It’s a Love Song”(2012)!
“Yes. It’s a Love Song” is a big, epic, rock ballad of a song, born out of the frustrations of love and all the tempestuous feelings that accompany it! We’ve all been there huh?! It’s also about knowing when to let go and also not letting any one or any thing hold you back. So probably quite autobiographical, and what I was feeling at the time. The guy that features in the song wasn’t worth it in the end, but at least I was left with content for what I feel is a really decent tune – which for me, at the moment is faaaaar more important! ;)

This is the first The Cheek of Her single released since the EP “Passionate Shit” in October, 2011. It marks a departure from the previously recorded tunes in that: keys are now a key element; backing vocals are present; there’s a fuller sound and a distinctive TCOH style is emerging; both vocally and musically!


released 05 March 2012
Music & Lyrics Helen Grace Dooley 2012
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered: Joe Public Studios, London.
Instrumentation: Joe Lonsdale (Guitars, Bass, Drums) Helen Grace Dooley (Vocals & Keys)


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