Pledge and help make Adult Angst Anonymous happen!

The Cheek of Her’s Crowdfunding campaign via Pledgemusic has now launched and already had some Pledgers, but there is still a long way to go!

If you have every listened to any of the tunes and enjoyed them and would like to hear a new 12 track album, then all you need to do is pledge £8 here:

Please check out the video below which provides a bit more background information about the project:

These aren’t donations! For the basic plegde of £8 you will receive the fully produced Single “Write me a Letter” in October automatically, plus the 12 track album when it is released (for much cheaper than iTunes!), whilst enabling me to cover a significant portion of recording, mixing and mastering time.

There are also quite a few exclusives: ranging from a track played live to you via Skype, a cup of tea with The Cheek of Her and Signed Albums! All exclusives include the 12 track digital album too of course.

If the full amount required is raised then your pledge will be debited from your Card / Paypal. If I don’t reach my funding target you don’t pay a penny and I won’t bring out an album. It is all managed via Pledgemusic, which has hosted thousands of crowdfunding campaigns and really worth checking out. Without your support this won’t happen :( so please get pledging, spread the word and link!! Every Pledge counts!!

The Cheek of Her's Pledge Music Campaign


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