Pinterest mood board for AAA & more!

Pinterest mood board for AAA & more!

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I created a mood board on Pinterest before the shoot for Adult Angst Anonymous the album, with the kind of vibe and look I was trying to achieve for it, which was basically Angst! As you can see from the board, the film ‘The Ring” gave me my initial idea for the whole disturbed girl thing!

The result ended up being a Gothic / Geisha type dark shoot with a bunny rabbit side kick (who can also be seen in the animated video for “Another Guy I Buried in the Woods” for the sharp-eyed amongst you!

You can take a look at the Pinterest board above, to check out the inspiration behind the AAA shoot!

The angst hasn’t disappeared by the way, but I think you learn to tolerate and live with it a bit better! Making and releasing the album certainly did help :P

If all goes to plan I will be releasing a Single early 2015, and again the theme of the Single is very definite and lends itself well to some artwork which I’m already thinking about! Watch this space!

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