New Tracks: 27 plus Lyrics!

New Tracks: 27 plus Lyrics!

Big hello to all those following The Cheek of Her blog!

Thought it was about time to give you an update about what’s going on with the music, band and other general interesting or mundane stuff…If you haven’t received an email for a while, please don’t worry (or do something très drastic!) as there hasn’t been one! I’m waiting to get some new music produced to send out with the next TCOH mailing list update, which will be available to download first to all those signed up! This is very likely to happen in the next couple of weeks. If you haven’t signed up yet, please do here:

The latest track I’ve written, is about Club 27 (aka Forever 27 Club, The Curse of 27) to which Amy Winehouse has most recently become a member. I don’t generally do miserable and dreary as that’s just boring, so even though this is a song about death there is some humour in there too. I’ve been told recently that most of the songs are actually quite sad or angry hiding behind happy, energetic music. A person who shows the world a smile, but is miserable and angry as hell underneath perhaps? Lol…isn’t that all of us to an extent?

The next big deal gig is in October (SATURDAY NIGHT!) the 8th to be precise! We will be headlining Camden Rock and just can’t wait :-). I really enjoyed how the band sounded at our last gig, and it’s cool to go back to our first ever full band gig in October 2010 at The Comedy to see just how far we’ve come. Before I offend the world and his dog (THE CHEEK OF HER!), nothing wrong with our first gig, but obviously the band and music had evolved over time and we are learning and improving as we go. Feel free to check out some The Cheek of Her videos here:

I don’t usually share lyrics, only with the band mainly…and guys being guys, they NEVER read them! Lol…Laszlo, who played guitar in the band since the the beginning thought I was singing about drowning for a good six months in Lies…but I was actually singing “Drawn in”. There’s a useless bit of info for yas…

So here are the lyrics for 27! Enjoy and sing them back to us at the next gig :-)

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