New Track: FREE!!!

New Track: FREE!!!

Went in running rather stressed and miserable to the Producer this morning. Had a NIGHTMARE of a week, and was getting frustrated about pretty much everything really. Making way in the Music Industry is probably one of the hardest things I have tried to do in my life, I’m sure most of us involved in music have a similar tale! However as every Musician knows, once you are involved you are caught hook, line and sinker and there’s no going back! So you can only die trying :)

I am completely in love with making music, singing and expressing myself through bold lyrics and punchy chords. A love affair / marriage – that’s probably the best way to describe it! It’s the one place on earth I feel completely accepted and at home, corny as it may sound…Jeez.

Even though I was feeling pissed off at the world running in to the Producer this morning, I knew I had something good on my hard drive in my bag. Played it to Joe (the Producer) and he started getting excited, which is a fabulous sign! We both decided that the track is completely uplifting and a bit like drinking Gin and Tonic with lots of lemon (well I thought that). It’s about breaking FREE and as always the lyrics are quite to the point!

This is the result of a hard day’s work. Enjoy it, share the link and carry on supporting


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