New 2D music video for AGIBITW!

OMG OMG. I’m pretty excited! I have just seen the finished result of what was meant to be a lyric video, but turned into a 2D animation music video (due to my long winded story treatment requests!) for The Cheek of Her track “Another Guy I Buried in The Woods” which is on the album “Adult Angst Anonymous”.

Pedro Chaves (Dream Journey Studios) has done a super job, and was drawing like crazy above and beyond the call of duty mainly because he really liked the tune. He is amazing and it’s super cool to have a lovely end product, and I just can’t wait to share it with you!

If you sign up to The Cheek of Her mailing list now you can be one of the first to see the video TONIGHT, when I send out an email!:

There will be a little wait for everyone else! :P The track is not on SoundCloud yet either, so only those who have the album or downloaded the track have heard it in full!

Download “Another Guy I Buried in the Woods” on iTunes now!”

Short clip of the music video for “Another Guy I Buried in the Woods” by The Cheek of Her:

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