Really enjoyed the studio session today, we got loads done and whacked lots of bass, acoustic and electric guitar parts down on The Swell (well Jo did, once we figured out the occasionally odd piano chords) and it’s sounding swell har har.

Both guys are complete nerds, and together I had no chance of a “sane” conversation. However, without nerds I must admit produced music wouldn’t exist / be any good! So yeah, they have their uses!

Above is a pic of Sean (aka The Magic Puppet) who is producing the tracks on the new EP with me – and on the right is Jo (who produced Yes. It’s a Love Song with me which will also be on Megaphonic, as well as most of the tracks on Passionate Shit EP), and who kindly took some time out to come in for the day to do some guitar parts with us).

So above are the lovely, nerdtastic, but talented boys in the rain after we refuelled our guts, and went on our way :)

Still need a good few studio sessions to finish off BUT The Swell is going on the new EP Megaphonic later this year so watch out for it!

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