Megaphonic Photo Shoot!

Megaphonic Photo Shoot!

The promotional photo shoot for “Megaphonic” EP is taking place next week, and I’m rather excited! However I’m not generally one for fuss. I absolutely hate any kind of fussing about over clothes, hair, makeup and everything girly = BORING…BUT I love being creative, having ideas and thinking about the “big picture”, so with that in mind I am actually enjoying the whole process so far! It’s fun too because I get the chance to express visually what “Megaphonic” means to me!

I suppose I could just have done some artwork for the EP and kept it low key, but I felt that was pretty much what I did with the last one ‘Passionate Shit”, and a lot has happened since then! Namely, I have fully accepted that I AM THE CHEEK OF HER!!!! This is quite a big step for me because it was never my plan to be a Solo Artist, but I feel much better as one! Of course will be performing with a band in the future, but in music sometimes you have to accept that the only person you can truly rely on is…well, yourself! We’ll see what develops there!

I randomly met a hairdresser the other day who offered to come along to the shoot to sort out my hair, well make it even messier than it normally is (!) so that’s fun! There will be someone applying paint (OK OK makeup) to my face. So hopefully I’ll look some kind of megaphonic?!

Think as the shoot is approaching, I’m coming up with new ideas and will end up having half a car full of props with me! Scarves, Bubbles, Megaphone and God knows what else! I didn’t realise I’d quite enjoy all this that much, but it’s mega fun despite being a hefty bit of organisation and preparation!

I’m loving every moment of this musical journey I’m on, and so happy you can come along for the ride! xx

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