Megaphonic is coming!

Megaphonic is coming!

Just realised that I haven’t written a blog entry for a little while on TCOH website, even though I have kept all those on the email list updated…so if you aren’t on that well that’s the place to be! You can sign up here:

I have my last studio session for the EP coming up, drums need to be recorded, mixing and mastering and then…we’re off and I can share what I’ve spent a lot of time, hard work and effort on (plus loads of enjoyment!) with all of you! The songs to be included on the EP are (in no particular order!):

Beauty Queen — The Swell — Something Out of Nothing — Yes. It’s a Love Song (released as Single March 2012) — Bog Standard Heartburn

There may be an additional bonus acoustic track!

Still have to get my photo shoot off the ground, bought a Megaphone off Ebay for the occasion!

I’m planning to have it all done and dusted and RELEASED after the Summer.

I’m really proud of “Megaphonic” as it marks a real turning point for me, that despite all the crap I had to deal with last year with some real nasty folk in my band I managed to come out the other side and do it all by myself! Woman power and all that….

So I can’t wait to bring it to your ears and hope that you can enjoy it too :). In the mean time, please enjoy the first Single from “Megaphonic” released in May 2012: “Yes. It’s a Love Song” and please download in support of The Cheek of Her music movement!

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