Kissing in the Studio…

Kissing in the Studio…

Thought the blog post title might intrigue you! Well, it’s true! In my studio session today I spent at least 10 minutes recording kissing noises for inclusion in “Beauty Queen”. Making a kissing noise isn’t as straight forward as you might think! I started off with a quick pursing of the lips polite one, then tried some sucking teeth kissing noises and finally understood what to do with my mouth to create a cartoon version of a big kiss that you might hear on a Tom and Jerry cartoon.

Yes, it all sounds a bit insane, but this was serious business. Very serious indeed! I won’t give any more away but there are quite a few sample sounds on this one, many of which; like the kissing and heavy breathing* I have created myself in the studio! I don’t think Sean the Producer quite knows what’s hit him, but he allows himself a little giggle now and again (normally when I’m not looking).

So for my part that’s the two new tracks I’ve been working on done and dusted: “Beauty Queen” and “Something out of Nothing”…all that remains is one live drum session and then Sean will spend a few days mixing and mastering. Then you will also get to hear what I’ve been working on these past few months, whether online or at a showcase in a London venue!

*in time too!! Lol

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