It’s all looking rosy!

It’s all looking rosy!

Really happy to announce that after a long, long, wait I have finally got access to my Facebook page once more! :DDDD

I ended up contacting Facebook via another form for different issues, but that seemed to do the trick! I was starting to think that I’d just have to release the music regardless, or start up another page from scratch, which would be no fun! I know it’s April 1st, but this is no joke! :D

Finished spending the whole evening adding metadata to the tracks and the like (but no sorry, no song lyrics attached to the music files….there is just too much to sort!), and putting everything in order for marketing. It took me about an hour deliberating the track listing, which I based on the flow of the mood of the song, and the key, and the ‘journey’ through the EP…or something like that! It’s not like many folk actually listen to an album in order, I don’t think I ever did, even with CDs, I just generally skipped to my favourite song!

Both the forthcoming Single “9 Lives” and the EP are scheduled and set in stone for release now! Not quite early 2016 as planned, but within the first half of it in any case!

*****”9 Lives” will be released on Monday 11th April 2016!*****

I’m very much looking forward to sharing that track with you. I think it’s my favourite one so far.

This batch of tracks may well be my last for a while, but if you ask the Producer I work with he’ll tell you that I always say that…

The photo is one from the shoot I did for the new EP, so you’ll no doubt see some of those scattered about the internet during the promo campaign. All quite natural, pensive and a tad dark, as was my mood over the Winter months!

Things are looking rosier now.

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