The Cheek of Her First Live Band Review!

The Cheek of Her First Live Band Review!

The Cheek of Her performed an unplugged set at The Greyhound, Kensington in November 2010 which went down a storm. The night was reviewed by The President of Music at Heythrop College, and we received some welcomed praise, which is so nice to hear after the effort and hard work we put in to making The Cheek of Her sound the best it can be!

“…the second act which really made me sit up was The Cheek of Her. A ‘fabulous female fronted lyrical rock band’ is how they described themselves on a flyer I was given and they were not lying. The female vocalist has such a rich voice she reminded me of Gwen Stefani in her No Doubt days. With a strong rhythm guitar and an enthusiastic drumbeat they’re also a band I would love to see at a larger venue…”

Amy Simpson. President of Music, Heythrop College. (The Lion, Wednesday 8th December 2010)

For the full article, please see page 15 “Have a pluck of my G-string”:

Video clips of the night can be seen at:

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