Falling apart piece by piece…!

Falling apart piece by piece…!

I don’t know if it’s to do with simply getting older, but I feel like I’m getting aches and pains all over the place! I hurt my ankle about six months ago walking over an uneven step, and I thought it would just get better, but it hasn’t. Daily dog walks aren’t giving it a break, and on top of that I have a pain in my shoulder! I’ve been to a Physio a couple of times, got some exercises to do and have had to hire a dog walker to help out with walking Blue (another Musician!) so I can just keep the weight off the ankle for a bit. It’s a literally a real pain, and depressing when you have long term niggles….I guess we all do in one form or another, and yes it could always be worse!

At the moment I am getting everything in order to be sent out in terms of some physical copies, PR release and press list for the next Single “The Future is Purple” which will be released on the 28th September, 2015! The video is done and dusted, and looks really great – another awesome work by Pedro Chaves of Dream Journey Studios! So looking forward to sharing that with you also!

There will be one further Single release and then a shiny new EP in 2016! All the tracks are done and dusted in terms of demos, and Chris Hardwick (who played for The Cheek of Her back in 2011) is currently recording drums for these, after which they will come back to me to book in a studio session to get piano parts down, and then vocals. I have a favourite track, which will actually have a big production and plenty of STRINGS – which aren’t usually a feature at all!

I seem to have pretty much stopped ‘singing/moaning’ about men for the most part (or perhaps just ‘given up’…with them!!!), and the themes of the next batch of songs, do seem to revolve around life and the temporary nature of our time here. It’s getting deeper, but that might not seem apparent on the surface, as I always like making ‘jokes’ and playing with meanings in the lyrics, and then just end up laughing at myself. I never think it’s a good idea to take yourself too seriously….a person once told me:

“There is a healthy irreverent approach to your style that comes across as genuine. This in itself is not an easy feat to pull off given the depth of the lyrics.”

Which pretty much hits the nail on the head.

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