Brick Walls

Brick Walls

Well I had Facebook access back for a little over a week, so I got all excited and started kicking the promotion campaign into gear and re-set the official release dates for the new music. Then I logged into Facebook one day on my phone, and it asked me to log in again…I had a feeling this wasn’t going to go well. I logged in again, and well, back to square one. I had once more lost Admin rights to my Facebook page. I literally cried. Yeah pathetic maybe, but without a functioning Facebook page there is little point in even releasing music, as it’s probably the most important marketing tool.

I contacted Facebook again via online form (and never get a personal reply or solution to the problem), so tried via another online form and they said they would pass my problem to the Admin issues team. This happened last time my access was restored, so I thought this was at least a positive move. However, they won’t tell me why this is happening, they just say “Your access has been restored” or similar. This time, I have to answer a million questions and provide proof of identity…and the case continues, I currently can’t post on my Facebook page.

I have my suspicions why this is happening, I think someone who is holding a grudge is reporting my page a zillion times, so that it just blocks me out. Totally juvenile, malicious and nasty…pathetic. So if the person in question is reading this, then please just stop – you’ve made it very hard for me to release my music and if that’s what you wanted to achieve, well you’ve succeeded. Enough is enough now. Karma.

Hoping that access will be restored once more shortly, after I’ve gone through the ringer with Facebook…so if you don’t see any FB posts on my page that’s why!

The good news is everything is now scheduled for release, and the Single “9 Lives” will be released tomorrow: Monday 11th April, 2016!!! Please check out the public stream on SoundCloud, if you haven’t already!

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