New 2D music video for AGIBITW!

OMG OMG. I’m pretty excited! I have just seen the finished result of what was meant to be a lyric video, but turned into a 2D animation music video (due to my long winded story treatment requests!) for The Cheek of Her track “Another Guy I Buried in The... Read More

Never Your Wife – Live Home Vid!

Just realised I hadn’t done a home YouTube video for a while…was focusing more on finishing off the album up till now! So, well sold some spare speaker stands to a Producer last night who I gave a CD to. He said he loves ‘track 6′ from the... Read More

While you wait for the album release…

Well I’m not too happy at the moment, as there was a cock up with Publishing information on the Bob Marley Cover which was included in the album “Adult Angst Anonymous”, and since there is no way of contacting the digital aggregator over the weekend... Read More