Another day, another Studio!

Another day, another Studio!

Seem to have landed myself with two days of heavy duty studio sessions in a row, in two separate locations, with two different Producers. Common ground being that the Producers have the same SOH (notice I didn’t include the “G”), was that funny? May be I’m spending too much time around Geeks?!

Any way, I was due back in with Joe as I had a couple of tracks I wanted to finish with him left over from last year. We focused on the vocals firstly for “Yes it’s a Love Song” as drums, bass and some guitar parts were already down. Main vocal was done in dusted and compiled pretty quickly, but then my favourite part (not!) began…backing vocals! There are loads of high belting notes in this song, so it was quite exhausting doing them for 2 hours and doubling, tripling them up and adding harmonies. I do get a little grumpy with it sometimes….then Joe does with me and then….well we fight and “kiss and makeup” (so to speak!).

We spent the rest of the day going through guitar parts and agonising over which vox should be doubled or tripled up where….We both (unbiasedly of course!) think the song has turned out really well, it’s a real anthem!…although it did leave us a little demented (see Joe’s defaced lyric sheet and crazed expression below). There’s a minor vocal thang I had meant to include at the end of the song, which I forgot to include so we’re going to add that in next week, then Joe will mix and master and it will be ready for you all to hear! Sign up to The Cheek of Her Mailing List if you would like a free download soon!

Joe Lonsdale holding lyrics to Yes. It's  a Love Song,

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