2015 New Single Release YOLO!

2015 New Single Release YOLO!

I’m really happy to say that there is a fresh, new track heading your way shortly! [Official release date 18th May 2015]. It’s called “YOLO” (for those of you who have let that Hipster acronym pass you by, check out the Urban Dictionary http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Yolo so yeah, “You Only Live Once” and all that! :P

It’s an upbeat song, with great live drums, a super catchy / chanty chorus, real live piano and all recorded at the end of 2014 in Greystoke studio. It’s taken a while to get my hands on the final master, as well you know, Christmas gets in the way and obstacles pop up here and there, but everything is now back on “track”! Oh how I love a pun.

I haven’t settled on the final release date, but I’m thinking that it will be in the next couple of months (I know still a wait…), but I am sorting out a lyric video and need some time to get promo sorted for the release also.

I will be making the track available for download on The Cheek of Her website prior to  iTunes, so if you do wish to support TCOH music directly please do head to the shop first :) Hell, please head there now and download all the tunes why don’t you! YOLO afterall :P www.thecheekofher.com/shop

While you patiently wait, please do check out the quirky, angsty offering from the 2014 batch of tunes “Adult Angst Anonymous” the album!!

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