2 Producers, 1 Track & TCOH!

2 Producers, 1 Track & TCOH!

I usually write a little something about how my recording sessions are going, and kinda forgot last week….Well, it was the session with TMP (The Magic Puppet, or as I prefer to call him The Miserable Muppet…that is meant as affectionately as possible, as I’m a big fan of alliteration….;)) and Joe who produced The Cheek of Her’s Passionate Shit EP.

Joe offered to come in to lay down some guitar parts on “Beauty Queen”, and even though it was a short session we got a lot done (in between all the male bonding over which speakers they had progressed from during the years and other Producer technicalities and comparisons with the programmes and plug-ins they used, that I didn’t understand whatsoever…yawn…OK well maybe I understand a bit, but still. Yawn). Yes, boys will be boys….

I played them the backing vocals and some sound effects I had added to the track the night before, which include frogs ribbeting, wolf whistling, heavy breathing, children clapping and kissing noises. Based on the noises alone, they could be additions to some sort of dodgy porn movie set on marshlands with frogs. It’s anything but! Lol. All of the sounds are quite literal based on the lyrics….TMP has gathered that there isn’t that much subtly in TCOH’s world. We’ll see if they make it to the final cut!

Funny observation – I’m starting to love bridges. The bridge in this song is my favourite part at the moment, there’s been a few others where that has happened too. We put some acoustic guitar on it and some U2 style electric guitar over the top and it just sounds lovely, lovely!

I’m in the studio again this week for a longer session. Hoping to finish off guitar parts, add the sound effects and getting some Vox down. It’s all taking shape nicely, perhaps just a solo vox session, a session of drums and then mastering and I’ll have some new tracks to flaunt!! :)

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