1st Studio Session of 2012!

1st Studio Session of 2012!

I’m not really one for sack loads of backing vocals, I like the rawness of the recordings for my music just keeping it simple with a minimalist sound but each instrument being really strong and present…but saying that I do regret not having done some BVs for Sunday Mourning and Mended in particular as well as leaving keys in some more of the tracks, but I’m still really happy with the EP as the first opportunity I have had to record and showcase my songs professionally and properly with people who completely “got” and understood me and what I’m about musically. You never know I may always do another mix of them one day!

Passionate Shit EP is getting a really great response on SoundCloud I know those shaky gig videos never did my voice (inaudible) or band (audio – either just all drum and bass or one guitar sound dominating) any favours, or gave a proper reflection of the great live sound we sometimes had (venue, band member at the time and sound guy dependent!!).

So with all that in mind…back to backing vocals! The night before I went into the studio I recorded some backing vocals for “Something out of Nothing” in about an hour at home, just so I had some sort of idea what I wanted on it and to use as a rough guide. I often add some quirky stuff here and there too, like there’s some sort of cash till sound clip recording I’ve slipped in which is kinda cool as it fits in well with the lyrics too, and some call and response type vocal phrasing which also seems to work.

At the Studio I got the lead vocal done and dusted and spent a few hours recording backing vocals too. I must admit that this was the first time I had recorded backing vocals to that degree, it does drive me a little up the wall…but I think I will be happy with the end result and it might convert me to being a fan and not neglecting them so much in the future – SONG DEPENDENT!! That is also really important, to always strive to do your best to enhance the song, give it what it needs as opposed to just going through the motions of adding parts here and there because it’s the done thing, or what you always do…there’s no harm creating all the parts you can think of but the hard part is often choosing the best parts for the song, objectively.

The session was really productive in the end. I listened to the work we had done on the track today and I’m very happy with it so far, backing vocals included! Can’t wait for you to hear the finished article…I can’t either! lol TCOHx

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